Thursday, August 15

Ch ch ch Changes

So I'm pretty sure I fell off the edge of the internets... Beware there be dragons here...


My electronic paraphernalia has been prone to fits of disfunctionality on the regular making it ├╝ber hard to post and life has been nuts.


Amongst the many changes:

My cousin who should have turned 30 first, died this year right before his birthday.


I flew to FL for my youngest brother's wedding to both participate and assist in its execution. He is only 24 ya'll. Crazy love, crazy stress, crazy fun!


Flew back to Seattle for my hubs graduation. My husband finally finished his Anesthesia residency program after four years!


I turned 30! on July 2! (Eeep!)


We said goodbye to all our friends and moved from Seattle back to... FL! For my husbands new job in.... da da da dA! Tiny Tavares, FL. Culture shock much? I think yes.


We are currently still homeless (i.e. crashing with my parents an hour away in Orlando) while trying to find suitable living up in the middle of nowhere. Are we fussy? But of course. Where's my Staples easy button?


My parents then moved right after we moved to FL, while we're crashing with them. Their new house is awesome but totally in a stressful state of moving disarray. (Plus, didn't we just do the moving truck and boxes thing a couple weeks ago? Yes, yes we did...)


Also, my parents household currently consists of: my parents, my ill elderly Grandmother, my youngest brother, his wife, my husband, me,and their dog. I'm pretty sure at this point in their life that list should be significantly shorter. But it's not and they're super awesome for allowing all the crazy!


(Suitcase life is grand and all but I want all my sh** back out of storage!)


Also, being car-less in Chicago and Seattle was easy. In FL? Not so much...


Positive stuff, they rented out our old place for August so we got August rent $ back!


We're going to be insured and making dolla dolla bills again (we had nada for the month of July b/c no one worked for the month of July. There was just oodles of medical boards studying going on.)


And... We have a three day weekend coming up so we're heading down to the Vinoy in St. Pete to kick off our shoes and relax couple style. So I did my nails in an attempt to pretty it up again and hold on to the last bit o' summer.


So... That's the gist. Got it all? It's been one heck of a crazy, crappy, and sometimes awesome year... I'm looking forward to things settling again. I'll be posting re-cap stuff with photos as able and hopefully some new new stuff soon too.


In the meantime, here's a pic of my awesomely silver fingertips on my Mom's summery nautical pillow. I'm wearing Essie's "There's No Place Like Chrome."

Sometimes it's the little things, right?



(Photos still by me b/c no one else would want to take a pic of my nails, duh... Ha! Pillow from a previous season by Pottery Barn, Nail-polish Essie's "There's No Place Like Chrome.")



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