Friday, August 23

"I'll Tell You a Tale of the Bottomless Blue..."


"... And it's hey to starboard, heave-ho. Look out, lad, a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below..."

So... While at Disney World the other day (I have a Florida resident pass now!) I may have stumbled upon the most "galore"-ious of "who's its and whats it's."





Seagull named and Mermaid approved...



Why it's a Dinglehopper of my very own!



My age you ask? Hasn't anyone ever told you that age is just a number?

And yes, my hair looks fabulous.






(Little Mermaid sign and painting copyright Disney, All photos taken by Krista Carson. Giant seashell from my Mom's house, Nail-polish Essie's "There's No Place Like Chrome.")



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