Friday, August 30

Food Fun; Cooking with Heritage

Ready the buns and break out the cheese cause this kitchen's gone Polish with a German flair!


(The beer I used to drink cook.)

Remember when I said we were staying at my parents right now? (No? The husband and I are staying at my parents right now. With: my Parents, my Grandmother, my Youngest Brother, and his Wife.) So that means lots of people... Which means lots of food... Which means I need to get off my dupa (Polish word for a**) and help out.

Get ready for a great game day recipe! Football season is nearly upon us my dears.

Tonight I'm making kielbasa (and hotdogs for the kielbasa haters) my way:


I like to cook it low and slow all day in sauerkraut (I like the Boars head brand) and whatever good beer is in season. Today I chose Sam Adam's Latitude and basic Budweiser to round out the Latitude's "hoppiness.*"Then I add one red apple slice to cut the "intense-ness" of the sauerkraut, just like my Mom does and her Mom and Baba (Polish nickname for Grandma) before her. My sister-in-law also requested a few potatoes be added, so in they went, quartered. It cooks almost like a Polish version of a seafood boil. Just throw it all in the pot!


Next, bring it all to a boil: if cooking on the stove top, for about 20 minutes,

or high heat around 400 in an oven for a few hours,

or high on your slow cooker for a few hours (this is the option I chose today.)

(Use what's easiest for you, use what you have.)


Then once properly heated through switch everything over to low heat. Gently simmer, stirring occasionally throughout for a few more hours. Low and slow my friends, low and slow.


(My giant slow cooker brimming with tasty goodness in the making.)

I generally simmer mine for 6 hours total: 2 on high and the rest on low.

Lastly, serve it up on a potato roll with cheese if desired (I like to use provolone) and a squirt of your favorite spicy mustard. So good!

If you like German eats, you'll love this too!

It's a simple and delicious meal that is not labor intensive despite its low and slow-ness. Perfect for a game day now that football is so nye**!

Also, because sometimes it's really all just about the meat n' pataytas.



*Auto correct kept wanting to change this to "happiness." Coincidence? When it comes to beer, I think not...

**Old timer speak for near, gotta keep the vocab up peeps!

(Photos and recipe by Krista Carson.)


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