Saturday, August 31

Where To Wear; Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Widely considered the last weekend of summer in the U.S., Labor Day is every red blooded American's excuse to get out and get in some sunshine before the colder months ahead.

So obviously the advance of Labor Day weekend has me dreaming of some beach time... I doubt I'll get any in with all the crazy busy lately (Plus, now that I live in Florida it feels less urgent.) but that doesnt stop me from dreaming of being the coolest and cheekiest (Not literally, Brazilian cuts? Not on my a** thankyouverymuch!) girl on the playa*.

Where to wear is the only remaining question? Daytona? Clearwater? I'm dreaming of Cocoa Beach methinks...

Glamorous sunglasses are a must, natch, and these Portofino Mirrored sunnies by Prism fit the bill quite nicely.
And how awesome is this Racel Comey Calabash Bikini? Very! It's both cute and sexy at the same time all while reminding me of my favorite animal print which happens to be...
Can we talk about this beach towel by Maslin for a second?!? Let's!

"This season Maslin is helping us get in touch with our inner animals—fitting for a company named after Australia’s first nudist beach. Each hide-shaped towel was inspired by glitzy 70s decor, and comes with a leather carry strap for beach hopping.

Reversible beach towel | Leather carry holster | 100% cotton."

It's probably the most adorable towel I've seen in my entire life! Need, must, want... Yes, please!

It's even cute rolled up!

If only its price tag wasn't as steep as it is cute... $225 is pretty high for a towel... Le sigh...

But say there was no budget... Get that sucker in leopard too for days when you're feeling less prey more predator.

Why not? You have no budget, remember? Plus, you'll be looking smoking in you're new beach ensemble with an instant conversation starter with all the hot surfer dudes to boot...

Me? I'm married and just daydreaming... But you? I see great things ahead for you my friend, great things...



*playa = beach en EspaƱol

(Photos and merchandise via Opening Ceremony.)



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