Monday, August 19

What Dorothy Should Have Wore...

Did you know that in the Wizard of Oz books by Frank L. Baum Dorothy actually wore silver shoes?

It's true, and while I'm no stranger to rubies (it's a July baby's birthstone and this girl's a Cancer after all) I still love me some silver.


So when I saw these Sam Edelman silver heels last year I fell hard. I think biblio-Dorothy would've too.


The mirror silver leather finish?



The Gatsby Flapper-esque shape?



The intricate cutouts?


Cut to a shoe sale last week and well... Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore...


These babies arrived all shiny and new in the mail today just for me!

Methinks, they needs must be accompanied by Essie's "There's No Place Like Chrome" on my toes, yes?

Now where to wear...





(Not so great photos of soo great shoes by Krista Carson, shoes by Sam Edelman and purchased at Lord & Taylor online.)




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