Saturday, August 24

Feels Like Home To Me

I'm always on the hunt for cool, quirky, and fun furniture and accessories to get for our (currently nonexistent*) house.

Plus I always lurve anything science-y. Rocks, barometers, Da Vinci thermometers... They just look awesome and are functionally cool to boot. J'adore!

So when I came across this radiometer on the Canoe website (a cool store in Portland, OR) I knew it was one for my dream home archives. Yes, please!

" The radiometer is an instructive object which demonstrates the scientific theory of converting natural light into energy. Powered only by light itself, it will spin slowly in low light conditions, furiously in direct sunlight or well-lit rooms up to 2,000 revolutions per minute. It remains unresponsive to fluorescent light. Science lesson aside, this blown glass radiometer functions as an engaging and sculptural object in its own right. Made in Germany."

Just think of the fun we could have watching it spin and spin while maniacally laughing about the wealth of natural sunlight in the state of Florida after living with a dearth of it in Seattle for so long!

Aaaah, good times people, good times...

Crazy aside though, it's just a super cool objet d'art that I'd really enjoy having around. Do you like incorporating a little science into your home?



*The Husband and I are still on the hunt for a house to rent near his new job in the tiny Florida town we'll be calling home for a while. Nothing right or with the right timing has materialized yet... don't ask... sigh...

(Photo and radiometer via Canoe.)


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