Tuesday, August 27

What I Ate; Bentos

On a recent trip to visit my sister up in Gainesville, FL she took the husband and I to eat at this super fun small sushi chain called Bentos. It's was über delicious!
My sister and her beau. (I just realized I didn't take any pics of the Husband and myself...)
Honey dew melon milk tea with lychee geleé and strawberry milk tee with mango geleé. They make them in this nifty machine that completely seals the top off!
Geleé shot.
You just pop the straw through the seal and voilá!
The milk teas were very sweet but tasty. More of a dessert item though.

I ordered the Udon noodle bowl with fried tofu. It was so. very. good... Mmm...

The husband ordered a sweet and spicy panko battered chicken that was also super delicious. Plus, his came in a Japanese bento box (thus the restaurant's name) which was super fun!

My sister and her beau both ordered similar items to my husband's and both loved theirs.

Then we ordered a bento box of sushi for the table. Their take on a California roll was sooo good! We also had a spicy Cedar Plank roll made with salmon and a Spicy Shrimp with fish and unagi sauce roll.

It was all so delicious I can't wait to go back next time I visit her!

Do you sushi, what's your favorite?



(Photos by Krista Carson, food at Bentos in Gainesville, FL.)


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