Wednesday, August 28

Wanderlust Wednesday

Today I woke up dreaming of far off places... Since I can't just pick up and leave right now I decided to add some travel themed details to my outfit instead:

I love this shirt that I picked up on the Paciffic Coast of Mexico. The cheery embroidery and lightweight textured fabric are a perfect fit for Florida's long end of summer days.

A mala (prayer beads) from India and my necklace of travel charms I made that I take everywhere.

My travel charm necklace consists of a salvaged/ re-worked by me vintage chain and pearl extender, a vintage heart lock clasp from the Husband, a July birthday necklace bar (each of its four sides describes a facet of that months personality) with a ruby briolette, a vintage locket also from the Husband, and a St. Christopher Patron Saint of Travelers medallion from the San Juan Capistrano Monastery in California.

I love to curate little collections of cool vintage charms and put them together in an unexpected way and these ones always feel like a talisman of sorts for me. So they go everywhere I go.

I also layered on a necklace made with some apatite (the vibtrantly aqua blue stone pictured above) that I found on the San Juan Islands in Washington.

What do you like to buy when you travel and do you have any special pieces that you won't leave home without?

Mostly I come home with accessories that I plan to hand down to family someday (I'm a sucker for an heirloom) and I always travel with my curated charm necklace that I created.



(Photos by Krista Carson, shirt from Mexican Market, Sandalwood mala from an Indian Market, all other jewelry by Krista Carson.)



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