Thursday, August 29

Throwback Thursday: Summer Edition

School is back in session and that makes me feel nostalgic for the summer. Since I wasn't blogging this summer I decided Thursdays were a good day to take a little trip down memory lane...

Before we moved from Seattle I finally had a chance to eat at this Mexican restaurant called The Boathouse down on Lake Washington by the University of Washington campus that everyone was always talking about. The sun was shining and the place was packed!

It wasn't the more authentic Mexican that I'm typically used to but nevertheless it was a tasty American take. Everything from the tortillas and chips to the salsa was housemade.
I ordered a chicken burrito and chose some tasty chipotle salsa then the Husband and I stalked a table.

Once seated, we sat back and enjoyed the kind of breezy view you only get with a Seattle summer.



(Photos by Krista Carson at the Boathouse in Seattle, WA.)


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