Sunday, March 3

Martha Stewart Living March 2013

I finally got a chance to peruse the March issue of Martha Stewart Living and there were several things I really loved in it:
The above embroidery pattern is so lovely, it manages to be both nautical and feminine. I'll have to give my best imitation of it a go sometime... (Adding it to giant list of projects I'd like to do...)

And how great are these travel boxes? Cute and functional for those of us paraphernalia collectors that never quite get around to our intentioned scrapbook projects.

I lurve the gorgeous natural tones and blues in this place setting. Definitely a home inspiration. It's just colorful enough to intrigue your eye but not overwhelming either. I adore bright colors but like to keep a few neutral zones in my house so my eyes and brain can get a rest from all the patterns and colors I work with daily. It's like brain fuel, it lets me recharge.

Did you know if you swap tequila for vodka it's a Bloody Maria not a Bloody Mary. I'm not much of a drinker but I'm down with tequila and I'm intrigued by the blood orange twist.

These raviolis just make my mouth water... Mmm... I love to cook but don't really get down and dirty in the kitchen very often so I'm filing this recipe away for a special occasion.

What projects and recipes have caught your eye lately? Happy Sunday!



(All images via Martha Stewart Living)


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