Thursday, March 28

Spring Has Sprung In Seattle/ I'm Back

So it looks like I've returned home to Seattle just in time for the start of spring!
Just look at the blue sunny sky above the monorail and needle today! Gorgeous!
The first bright spot in any of the gardens around town.

Super cool bark naturally curling up and peeling off a tree. Yes, even tree bark is ready for warm weather and sun around here!

And the best part:

Some of the cherry blossoms have started blooming! Sooo gorgeous! Before you know it all of Seattle and it's surrounding suburbs will be filled with blooming cherry blossoms in the air and daffodils on the ground! Love.

More cherry blossom porn.

Parting shot. (Though probably not my last this spring since this will be my final Seattle spring to enjoy them blooming before the move! I promise I'll say more about it as soon as I can.)

I also am finishing rounding up the shower pics, so that post will come soon. We had such a fun and lovely time!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use.)

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