Wednesday, November 18

Things Lately

Things have been picking up as the holidays get closer and closer around here. I'm sure they have for you too!
But Abby has discovered a new favorite peaceful activity in the midst of the chaos. I call it sun sitting but it's really sun sleeping.
At the time of day when the sun comes in through the door on this specific spot this is where she can found. Happy and relaxed.
We started our birthing class this week! Eeep! It's so exciting and a little nerve racking!
I finally got a red cup treat! (No caffeine of course though.)
And my nephew had the most ADORABLE photo shoot that this Auntie just had to brag! He is the cutest!!!
The furniture for the nursery came back from being refinished in a high shine white. It's actually the same pieces I had in my childhood room.

And I got some lovely flowers which always brightens my day!
How have things been lately for you?

(All images created and owned by K. C. S. Please ask permission prior to use.)

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