Sunday, November 15

Lunch at the Columbia

The Husband and I got the opportunity to slip out for a late lunch the other day and we headed to downtown Celebration to one of our favorite places, The Columbia.
They have the yummiest Cuban food around that really hits the spot!
And the atmosphere is so lovely!
Fyi, the mojitos are to die for! And don't worry I haven't had one since before getting pregnant. But if your able to imbibe I highly recommend them!
Needless to say, I did NOT.
I did have a delicious hot pressed Cuban sandwich with plantain chips though.
Divine! If you've never had one and eat meat it's a must try!
Everything I've had there has been super yummy though!
And to finish the Husband and I split a Dulce de Leche flan topped with toffee crumbles... Mmmmm...
If you're ever nearby in Florida and looking for some authentic cuisine and a lovely leisurely meal this is the place!

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