Sunday, November 1

This is Halloween

We had a blast this Halloween despite lots of crazy complications.
My Mom was able to come home from the hospital finally post operation so the family gathered together at her house to celebrate and hand hand out treats.
So naturally the Husband, pup, and I got festive!
This year Abigail was dressed up as Shark dog. She wasn't thrilled with it so after a few photos we took her costume off. She was so cute though!

I dressed as a very pregnant zebra this year and we took photos on the front porch because it was also our bumpie pic day! (A bumpie is the baby bump version of a selfie. Crazy words for a crazy media filled world, lol.)

(P.S., I wore a past season Nadia Tarr dress. It's not maternity but is made of stretch jersey. Comfy and stylish.)

Beware of the shark dog!

I also made sure to wear my past season Boden Zebra shoes to match. My ears are actually a pair of zebra Mickey ears from Animal Kingdom that I just pinned in temporarily to look more like zebra ears.

And the Husband dressed as my keeper.
Which felt oddly appropriate considering that he spends a lot of time caring for me and feeding me lately while pregnant... ;)
Also, doesn't my parents' front porch above look fab!
In between treat distribution and visiting with Mom we had a bevy of ghoulishly good food to eat!

Festive buns.

Sloppy joes and Mac and cheese cupcakes.

A variety of seasonal apples with dips.
Mummy dogs.
Beautiful homemade rice krispy treats that my Mom made prior to her surgery a few days before. (They tasted as good as they looked!)
Candy corn chocolate pretzels that my sister makes, so good!
And treat bags with cards for party favors that my Mom and I made for everyone earlier in the week with a Paper Pumpkin kit for Halloween.
And this cute card is the one Mom made for the Husband and I!
Love it!

Our neighborhood gets up to 8,000 (yes, 8,000!!!) trick or treaters overall and we handed out to over a 1,000 at my parents house in their section of the neighborhood till we ran out and had to shut down for the night... It was insane!

It even took us over a half an hour to drive the less than two miles home from my parents' house to mine because of all the craziness!

By the time we got home the pup, baby bump, and I were pooped and jammied up for some pre bedtime wind down snuggling.

It was a lovely time!

How was your Halloween?



(All images created and owned by K. C. S. Please ask permission prior to use.)

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