Saturday, November 14

Epcot Food and Wine 2015

This year was the Food and Wine Festival's 20th anniversary!
So despite being very pregnant and sick I had to try and go... It's one of my all time favorite events after all. Disney and food? That's my happy place!
So the Husband and I drove over and while it was rough and I only made it for just under two hours I was super happy and fortunate to have been ble to go at all.
We came in through the back entrance so we started off in my favorite country for food, Canada!
Their beef filet with mushrooms is Aaahmazing if you eat meat! And the beer cheddar soup? THE best! Yummy!

It was pretty hot out but the World Showcase was still looking lovely!

I also snuck in a bumpie pic with the official festival sign for my son's future prosperity.

And the topiaries I got to see were on point as always!

It wasn't a good time of day for pictures at all (beautiful sunshine can make for some bad shadows) but here's the sweet Husband.

And because I'm so pregnant and it was so hot... We were grateful to have the air conditioned Chase lounge to sit in.
We actually ended up in here most of the time because it was just too HOT for me out there!
It's pretty neat though because it's actually up on the top floor of the American Pavilion in Epcot and the rest of the year it's off limits. So you feel pretty spiffy being able to go up there.
They also offered free charging stations, a special wine tasting you could buy, and unlimited free sodas and water.

Plus, you can look out the window and across the lagoon at Spaceship Earth. It's a good place to be.

Which is good indeed because after that, we went home. It was a very short trip but I am very lucky to be a pass holder so I can do stuff like this.

Despite not being there long we had a nice time!

And cooled off a little at the Boardwalk hotel before we left. It's our favorite because we got married there!

Now if only I can make it back again for a longer trip and try more food!



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