Thursday, November 12

What I Bought...

A hash tag that makes my heart potter patter...


Yes, please!

It was a celebration of Lilly's birthday and that meant gifts with purchase... Which meant the sweet Husband went to my favorite local Lilly store in Winter Park with me...

And they had lots of goodies on the sale rack!

Goodies that look great with a baby bump and should still look great post baby bump. Yes, please!

I scored this lovely dress.

And this awesome mermaid inspired one that's made from a lightweight neoprene like fabric. Very Florida girl.

A palmy shirt for balmy days.

The blue bamboo covered comfy pants.

And a fun Florida-y orange candle as one of my gifts with purchase.

I felt like I made out like a bandit, especially since every item was on sale!

Of course, there's always more I'd love to "adopt" into my closet but this spoiled girl is pretty happy!

And since it's still been HOT (we're talking 90's Fahrenheit here, folks) I can still wear it all no problem here. Love Lilly Pulitzer!

Florida life, still waiting for Fall to come but loving the sunshine!



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