Sunday, November 1

Consciously Grateful

The 30 days of being consciously extra thankful have begun in my house today! We're thankful for so much every day here but starting this year during November we are writing it down to make memories.

I am using a past Stampin' Up kit combined with a Paper Pumpkin kit that I made with my family last Fall to keep track of what we are thankful for.
Everyday the Husband and I will choose one thing we are thankful for to write down on the cute little cards.
And then every year we will do the same thing while being able to look back on what we were most thankful for that day in previous years.
Fun and full of joy, right?
So on with Day One!

#ConsciouslyGrateful November Memory Day One: we are are beyond over the moon ecstatic to finally be pregnant and having a baby this year! (So much so that it may be our most grateful memory every day in fact.)



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