Thursday, November 19

Marty Sklar Talk

I had the phenomenal opportunity to go to a Disney Vacation Club talk by the unparalleled Disney Legend and former imagineer Marty Sklar over at the Contemporary Hotel and Resort.
He has had his hand in many (most) of the things, rides, parks, and designs that Disney lovers hold dear. Including classics like the Tiki Room! His work is meaningful, joyful, and prolific. No wond they made him a Disney Legend! (A very special award.)
And he's the only person to have been to every single Disney park opening worldwide. Neat, huh?
He was there to talk about his new book "One Little Spark!"
And can I just tell you... He is AMAZING! His book is wonderful and he is such a fun and incredibly inspirational person!
Such a joy to listen to him and his stories. That's the man himself above. Sorry the photos are so bad. I wasn't in a spot for great photos.
And then, to make the talk even more spectacular it ended with a panel of two current imagineers joining him and the Disney Vacation Club host to answer questions. They are some of the coolest most creative people!
They even stuck around afterwards to answer questions one on one. Such nice guys!
And Marty? He stuck around too! That's him in a small crowd of folks chatting. Eventually I got up the nerve to mosey over myself and to shake the man's hand and thank him for his amazing work over the years and for the amazing talk!

I'm going to gush now, excuse me...

He is such a lovely human being! And... He worked with the magic man himself directly! So, therefore, by getting to shake Marty's hand I am now only one degree away from Walt Disney himself! Epic!

Definitely one of those experiences that I will always remember and treasure. So grateful to my parents for getting us tickets and to the Disney Vacation club for putting on such awesome member events!

Just epic!

If you're interested in knowing more about Marty Sklar be sure to give him a Google and check out his books (old and new). You won't be disappointed. He's a super neat guy!



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