Tuesday, November 10

Lilly Love: Happy Birthday Lillian Lee!

Today is Lillian Lee born McKim then Pulitzer and lastly Rousseau's birthday!
She was an incredible human being and a fabulous accidental designer!
And this Florida girl happens to LOVE those designs both past and the new ones designed by the company named after her and carrying on her legacy!
Hooray for Lilly Pulitzer!

So in honor of her birthday and the celebrations going on in stores this past weekend my baby bump and I donned a vibrant Lilly dress, belt, bangles, and (of course)some pearls!

It was a very #resort365 look.

Then I hightailed it to my favorite Lilly store in Winter Park, FL to get shopping.

Everything there is vibrantly colored and as vivacious as the lovely Lilly herself was.

Even the dressing rooms are gorgeously painted.

And these shells are actually on the bathroom wall.

(The bathroom, a pregnant ladies favorite room, lol.)

Even the store door is bright and inviting!

Hope everyone's having a fabulous, bright, sunshiny, celebratory kind of day!



(All images created and owned by K. C. S. Please ask permission prior to use.)

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