Wednesday, April 23

Wanderlust Wednesday Foodie Edition: Proper Pie Co.

The other day my Husband and I were craving some honest to goodness British crumpets... Mmm... Back in Seattle we'd just head on down to Pikes Place Market to the awesome crumpet dedicated bakery there.
(So so good, if you're ever that way go!)
But where to go here inOrlando
A quick internet search lead us to Proper Pie Company.
So we popped in the car.
It's a fantastic authentically British and totally yummy bakery.
They bake a variety of sweet and savory pies everyday and even do fish and chips every Friday.
The bakery itself is pretty small and informal with the kitchen area visible and in a tiny roadside plaza but the food...
So yummmy!
They have pies coming out of the oven, pies baked and frozen for travel (One Brit in front of us in line drives all the way down from North Carolina), and pies baked that morning that are chilled in the refrigerated display with along with Brit desserts and drinks.
If they don't have what you want hot, no problem.
They'll make it toasty in a jiffy.
They also have all the yummy shelf goods. Like the British Oxo gravy and my favorite candy, the crunchie bar.
They even had the British Easter candy in stock for the holiday!
(I was sure to pick one up to tuck in my Husband's basket.)
And this Vimto I tried, it's like a blue slushie! One of my favorite things!

If you're in a hurry to fill your tummy, like we were, you can take your hot pie outside to a little picnic table. The staff will bring anything being heated out to you along with some HP (kind of like a British A1 steak sauce).

The pie above was a yummy curry one but every kind we tried was sooo delicious that we couldn't pick a favorite.

And if you want to pack it up and bring it home everything heats to perfection still.

Even this Scotch egg was still yummy heated up at home.

(It's a hard boiled egg covered in a breaded sausage mixture that's lightly fried and sometimes has bacon thrown in there too for good measure.)

Of course, they had crumpets and scones too but we ended up saving those for another day. Lol.

Proper indeed!

If you're local, go!

(They ship and cater too!)

Proper Pie Co.

145 Ridge Center Drive, Davenport, FL, United States

(863) 438-2705



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Taken at/ of Proper Pie Co.)

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