Thursday, April 3

Bevies of Beverages

The weekend is almost here, hooray!
So today I decided to give you a great and very simple spring inspired recipe for all your Sunday Brunchday needs:
The Bubbly Spring Shower Flower
First you need some St. Germain, a sweet, yummy, fruity, almost lychee like liquor made out of crushed Elderflowers from the Alps. It's the best. You'll love it!
Next, pick up your preferred plain seltzer, tonic, or soda water.
Now it's time to get pouring. If your doing a tumbler glass, like here, I recommend two shots topped off with seltzer to the top, but do what you like. Mix to your liking and preferred strength.
That's it.

Maybe add a fancy straw but mostly just enjoy the very simple bubbly lightness. Incidentally,St. Germain pairs fabulously well in mimosas too...

Maybe next brunch day?



(All images and recipes created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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