Monday, April 28

Disney Day: Dinner at Sana

The Husband and I have been trying to make time to "date" each other more and the other. Ought he surprised me with dinner at Sana, the Indian/ African restaurant on the Vacation Club Kidani Village side of Animal Kingdom's lodge.
Since it was date night I made and effort and trotted out the heels and a cute new clutch I love.
We were both pretty tired looking cause we were both pretty tired but it was still fun. I loved this wall of lanterns at the entrance.
The whole resort has these wonderful quotes painted on the walls throughout. I really loved this touch! This one is in the main entrance.
The lobby was beautiful.
And of course I went straight to the windows to look for animals on the "Savannah." Do you see the giraffe?
Pic heavy animal sightings and food goodness after the jump!
The sign for the restaurant.
Complete with a Hidden Mickey of course.
My Husband was all smiles and ready to eat some curry! (His Dad is from India and curry, rice, and buttermilk are his love languages.)
I loved the decor.

Even the chairs felt special.

And this was the view from our table, nice!


Some peeks at the menu.

A friendly crane who spent most of our dinner out our window. At one point when no one was watching him he decided we should be and started making a lot of noise and dancing inf around with fluffed and spread feathers, lol. Unfortunate my camera was not ready.
It was dinner time out in the Savannah too.
My favorite new beaded clutch from Anthropologie. Love it, so tropical Florida girl! (It's currently sold out though.)

My "Painted Lemur" made with an Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueor. So yummy! Probably best for dessert though, next time!

The Husband's Tusker Ale.

Zebras, my favorite, out the window!

We started with Naan bread and Pappadum accompanied by a tamarind chutney, a coriander chutney, and a raitha.
Our crane friend was not as impressed as I was.

Next the curries came out.

We tried a Goan fish curry, a butter chicken, a paneer curry, and a chickpea lentil one.

It wasn't the traditional homemade kind we are used to but was still yummy.
And of course, the animals continued to dine as well.
Baby and mommy giraffe alert!

Soo cute!

And let's not forget the zebras!

Here come the baby zebras!


See the tiny one nursing on the right?
He/ she is there promise!

The stripes just camouflage well.

And there's the other baby in the middle there!
So cute!



Needless to say, I loved it!

If you're ever able to go be sure to request a window table to catch all the action!


It's Disney, so they're are kids. Lots of them, even in a fine dinning atmosphere. The crane wasn't the only one making noise, the zebra's weren't the only nursing babies, and be prepared to share your view with little ones if something exciting happens outside your window.

Their parents are usually close behind apologizing but don't sweat it.

Just share, enjoy, and let their excitement make you feel like a kid again.

It's Disney after all.

Then go back to your beer and be happy you're not the one chasing them!

(If you're chasing, kudos.)



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson and taken on Disney Property.)


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