Monday, April 7

What I Wore

I put on some weight last year due to a medication I had to be on.
And by some, I mean 45 pounds.
And it doesn't want to leave. Like ever.
My doctors warned me it might not ever go away and I'm healthier now (I have a chronic health problem) than I was then so... I decided to try to figure out how to dress the body I have now in a way that makes me feel good and confident.
In an effort to do that and embrace myself how I am now I decided to start doing occasional outfit posts here. I'm a great person and it's time I stop hiding my light under a bushell and treating myself like I am!
So here we go!
I don't have a huge budget so I try to use pieces I already have or make or that I can find on sale like this Christian Siriano striped jacket that I paired with comfy skinny jeans, black ankle boots, and a long sleeved black tee for a chilly day.
I also paired it with a new pale pink lipstick I tried out that apparently looks terrible... But Che sera sera, that's why we try things, right?
On a different note... I threw on my favorite french blue Raybans, my "grown up" Italian black leather purse (With the Project DIY tassle keychain I made here.), and my Argento Alchemy made chunky semiprecious gemstone necklace (That includes jade that my sister brought back for me from her travels. Shoutout Stacy, awesome present!)

I also finally got a hold of the real Downton Abbey book so I'm pretty psyched about that! Have you read it yet? Are you reading it now?

I know I'm a work in progress and am just learning how to dress my current body and shape but I think I'm off to an okay start. Besides, the best you can do is always good enough.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)


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