Tuesday, April 29

Inspire Me Tuesday

What do you see when you dream?

Or daydream?

I often picture Paris alight with the sun's glorious rays casting golden colors amongst the shadows...

It reminds of a time when I was young and free. When I lived in Paris and just the living there made the world seem so big and so small and so possible all at the same time. When my hopes were fresh and my spirit barely bruised...

I am grateful for all that life has sent me since then, both the joys and the sorrows.

But sometimes I dream of that time... Of that freshness and wonder.

I smile at that girl who knew so much and so little. If I could, I'd thank her.

Because when I daydream about sunsets in Paris, I daydream about her.

And she reminds me that anything and everything is possible still.

Always possible.



(Image by John Lindesay Small via Pinterest.)


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