Thursday, April 24

Bevies of Beverages

Elderflower Green Tea Slush
To make this fun and easy alchoholic slushy you only need three ingredients: iced green tea, Elderflower Liquor, and ice.
Pour one shot of the liquor per two cups of green tea into your blender.
Add ice to the top of the liquids then blend.

Pour and enjoy!

I used St. Germain, one of my faves, and pre-brewed and pre-sweetened green iced tea from my local grocery store, Publix.

But you could also use Arizona brand green iced tea or brew your own hot, sweeten it, then chill it.

No matter what specifics you choose, though, you'll end up with a refreshingly cool and yummy slush! Perfect for spring and summer!



(All images by Krista Carson.)

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