Tuesday, April 8

Inspire Me Tuesday: Design Day

Spent today recuperating from my long weekend and designing for Argento Alchemy.

I used bits and bobs from a Project DIY box in addition to other rocks and minerals that I've collected to get a inspiration reboot.

I love how using unexpected materials that are out of your usual comfort zone can really get your creativity going!

I used this Project DIY Ice inspired matte clear bib base to give my gems a new perspective. I have to wait till everything sets then I can peel the white backing off... I'm excited to see how it comes out!

This pear shaped crystal was meant to be attached to chains to make a pretty bracelet but I felt it was destined for this agate first.

Then I attached a small simple backing to this earthy agate slice...

Added a Project DIY jewel and...

I'm liking where I'm going so far!

Have you been up to anything creative lately? Even in the kitchen or with decor or style, please share!



(All images and designs created and owned by Krista Carson.)


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