Monday, April 21

Easter Snapshots

Church yesterday morning.
The lace and silk bunny ears I made for Easter.
I think they'll be fun at Disney too.
My first Easter casualty... ;)
The boys and the Westies. (My husband is on the left with Abigail our pup and my little brother is on the right with my parents pup Piper.)
Abigail all dressed up in her Easter best.
And the Peep squeak she got in her basket from her Grandma.
And us trying to take an Easter pic to text to my family not there.
Outtake 1.
Outtake done.
My sparkly Easter bracelet stack.
(From the top down: Cushion cut rock crystal bracelet Christmas present from Blue Nile online, Argento Alchemy made sterling silver sister morse code bracelet by me, Aquamarine bracelet from my siblings when I graduated college, London Blue Topaz and diamond sterling Ippolita bracelet from my Husband, and a pavè white Saphire bangle bracelet from my Mother for my wedding.)

And lastly, a deliciously yummy dinner of homemade stuffed cabbage over mashed potatoes for dinner. My absolute favorite!

Hope your weekend was a great one!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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