Saturday, April 19

Easter Baskets Of A Sort

I love Easter! The resurrection of my savior, the joy, the renewal, spring,
the chocolate too!
So here's a peek at what I've got going on in the Easter basket department.
First of all, there are no baskets... I use bird cages.
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It's a bit different I know, but they look so spring ready and pretty. Plus, the blue ones were actually used at my wedding to collect cards in so they make me especially happy.

I tuck natural straw inside to add a more traditional twist then stuff them with goodies.
The little gold one this year is new and is for my Westie pup, Abigail. (Yes, even the dog gets one. No chocolate in hers though, I promise!)

The small blue one is mine. (Girls gotta surprise herself sometimes right?)

And the big blue one is the Husband's.
His is egg-stra special this year with British chocolate complete with a large Cadbury egg just like when he was little.

And... Since I'm actually allergic to eggs I like to fill my pretty egg stand with Cadbury cream eggs to share with guests! (They're are also mini Kinder eggs tucked away in that little green rabbit too.)

Then I topped off my stand with pretty lacy bunny ears I made, but more on those tomorrow.

Just call me Krista Cotton Tail! ;)



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)


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