Tuesday, December 24

Christmas Time

Christmas has finally come at my house!
My guest rooms are ready and my in laws are here to fill them! (Hooray!)
In the Queen guest room I went for a cozy rustic theme and added a touch of Disney with the throw pillow. The Husband and I also bought the new glow with the show mickey ears for them to wear to the parks so I put bows around the ears and set them up on the pillows to greet them.
In the twin room we invite you to "Be our Guest!" (Please note that we are renting and the room was this lime green shade when we got here... I'm trying to work with it. Also, shout out to my sister Stacy who sent me these beautiful ivory and gold embroidered dove garlands for Christmas last year!)
Every year previously my husband and I only had room for a tiny tree so we would just purchase two bird ornaments for Christmas (We've done this since we started dating almost ten years ago. Wow, I'm getting older...) So this year we chose two sweet tiny little glass birds from Germany in Epcot at Disney. I set the little tree up in the family room by the tv...
And we got a big tree this year now that we have the space! So I set it up in the living room/ stair/ entryway area.
Presents wrapped and ready! (And off the ground so the teething puppy doesn't eat them!)
(The teething terrier terror! She's wearing a onesie at other pet owners recommendations in order to protect her stitches from her spay surgery last week.)
Mistletoe in the foreground that I made for my husband last year (DIY post with instructions here), stockings, garland, and tree.
A festive topiary and sign for the loft.

Five stocking on the stairs. (The puppy's is in the family room by her stuff.)

Sending you Holiday Kisses!
(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)


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