Sunday, December 8

Ciaté Mini Mani Month: Week One

My awesome husband knew how much I wanted this last year and this year. So for this year he made it happen and was sweet enough to give it to me early so I could really enjoy it.
I was pretty excited when I opened the box.
It's meant to function as a really fun and girly advent calendar with you opening a new surprise each day! I couldn't wait to get started!
More photos and details after the jump!

Each day comes with a lovely quote and a new nail polish or nail art implement.
Day one was Snow Globe sparkly topcoat.
Day two was was a pretty red called boudoir.
Day 3 was the palest prettiest soft pink, amazing gracie.
Day 4 I got the caviar metallic pearls in silver. I consider these pearls to be one of Ciaté's signature items since this product is what first made me aware of them.

Day 5 was a strawberry milk color called hoopla.

Day 6 was a pale purple called Sugar Plum.
Day 7 was Main Stage.
Day 8 was caviar pearls in midnight in manhattan. It had an advert instead of a quote though and I wasn't too keen on that. After all, I already have your product... Che sera sera...
Now on to other nail related things, like painting!
This week I used the snow globe and amazing gracie along with some nail art jewels I already had to do my first manicure with the kit.
After applying a base coat I painted on the pale pink and topped it with the snow globe for a wintery effect.
Then for some fun edge to the sweetness I added a metal square stud and a emerald colored jewel on each ring finger.
So far I love this kit and cent wait to open it everyday!

If you were on the proverbial fence about this and love to paint your nails I say go for it!

Also, the box print is really cute. I've been using the pics I took of it as festive background wallpapers on my I-devices so I thought I'd share them with you too. Just save the image to your device to use!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Ciaté Mini Mani Month purchased through Sephora.)


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