Saturday, December 28

Disney At Christmas...

Nobody does Christmas like theGrand Floridian Resort and Spa at Disney World...
First of all, location, location, location.

Then there's all the fun new water playgrounds...

Then you get inside and even the stairs are swathed in holiday fabulousness.
And that tree? Wow!
Plus, there is almost always live music playing.
Either a pianist on the lobbies own grand piano or a big band in the balcony on the second floor.
And that tree!?!
Plus, there's always a huge gingerbread house that you can actually buy gingerbread out of... More on that on a later post though...
Then there's the fun takes on Victorian decor like this crypts covered stag head in a shop window. (Love this! I think I might try to DIY it next year for Christmas...)

It's my most favorite Holiday spot anywhere!



(All Photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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