Friday, December 6

Fashion Friday: The Incomparable Atlantic-Pacific Blair Eadie

I'm sure pretty much every blogger and budding fashionista is already very aware of the Blair Eadie's blog Atlantic-Pacific. However, that being said, I still can't help but sharing her fabulousness yet again!
She titled the post with this look Very Carrie which I love. And the outfit? So very fab!
The black and white color scheme, the floaty tulle, the bows, the tastefully edgy sliver of tum? C'est parfait! Absolument parfait!

I just love the sweetly seductive oversize bows on these shoes!

And while I couldn't wear a tummy shirt right now I'd love to try a look like this out without showing off my tum.

Wouldn't this be a super fun variation on the typical Holiday Party outfit?

Simply perfection!



(All photos re-blogged via Atlantic-Paciffic.)

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