Monday, December 30

Disney Vacation Club

I got to peek inside the new Disney Vacation Club at the Grand Floridian the other week. Not inside the rooms but just the lobby.
It was a small lobby but very cute.
Mary Poppins penguins hanging out in the lobby fountain.

Ready to serve!

The large chandeliers are strung with green crystals.
The elevator floor indicator is Mary Poppins umbrella! Going up?
The sconces also reflect the green scheme.
Going down?
A close up of one of the few Holiday decorations I found there. I was surprised that there weren't very many at all...
Mickey in the carpets.
An outdoor fountain.
The walkway between the Grand and the villas was swagged in garlands.

Overall I'm still not sure about these new villas... I don't feel they integrate well with the rest of the property but they are pretty lovely besides that.



(All Photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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