Saturday, December 22

DIY Mistletoe

For my Husband's 30th birthday we are going out for a nice dinner but I wanted to have something for him to open too. We'd seen felted mistletoe out and about and both liked it so I decided to make him some.
I gathered all my materials, put on a movie and started. For the faux flowers I used ones that had decorated a wedding shower gift (our 2 year anniversary is coming up) to imbue it with special meaning.
(The twisted wire strands DIY pic is four pics down.)
I like to cut the leaves freehand to give them a more organic feel. If you have trouble doing that you can google leaf outline images, print and cut one out, then use it to trace the outline on your felt prior to cutting.
Next your going to need some wire strands to combine with your flowers.
Make as many mistletoe stems as you'd like to use. I only used one stem set of the flowers and one stem set of the wire strands.
Now you can use all that wire you sewed inside to bend and shape your mistletoe. Play around with it till it's fluffed up and you like the shape!

Merry Kissing!



(All images and designs by and owned by Krista Carson, please credit when using and re-posting.)


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