Monday, November 4

Yes, Please: Home Edition

With the start of November the holiday season is fast upon us... I know, I know, you're not ready.

Well, neither am I... Which got me thinking about guests... which led to thinking about entertaining... which led to thinking about having people over for dinner... which reminded me that since I previously had no formal dining table so I have no formal dining set up...

So I started looking for things online and ended up with this moldboard containing things far out of my monetary range but that I love. I already have a Wedgwood china pattern and crystal that I'm slooowly collecting after my wedding a few years ago so I don't really need to pick out those. So I went for the fun stuff.

I love rocks and geology and nothing is prettier to me than rocks and minerals so these malachite patterned chargers by Kim Seybert are so up my ally. I also really loved her vaguely sea inspires sparkly blue table runner and rock topped lucite napkin rings.

Everything else on my moodboard is from RabLabs. They make the most beautiful and amazing things! I'm totally in love with pretty much everything they make! They really utilize the minerals in a beautiful way that allows their true nature to shine through while giving them a beautiful function in the home. Agate chees plate, coasters, and utensils? Don't mind if I do! Crystal bowls and platters edged in sterling silver or gold? Yes, please!

I love everything on this table moodboard and while it's all pretty pricy... I figure it's a good place to start. Who knows, maybe by next year I'll actually be prepared for the holidays like a real adult... ;)



(All products by and available from Kim Seybert and RabLabs.)



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