Tuesday, November 5

Just Add Water

If I could I'd be a mermaid and swim beneath the sea...
I'd splash all day in sunlit waves happy as can be...

How whimsical are these mermaid photos from Project Mermaids?
What little sea worthy girl didn't dream of flipping her fins the way Ariel did! (I could never believe Ariel desperately wanted to be human... We always want what we're not...)
At any rate, the photos are to help raise awareness for the environmental protection of one of our Earth's most precious resources. Water and our oceans. Apparently the folks over at Project Mermaids are going to be making a book to help further this awesome cause in a fun way.
If you like our ocean and/ or mermaids go check it out:
(All images by Project Mermaids via their Instagram feed @projectmermaids.)


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