Monday, November 25

What I Bought:

I've been peeking at for a while now but never sprang for the order till I saw these crazy cool leggings on sale. That's when I decided to bite the bullet and spend my friend.

These quirky leggings are actually printed with a map of Rome and come in my size! I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a size 14 right now after a round of medicine left me with some extra pounds... It's been hard to find cute fun stuff in my size and these babies are it!

I think they'll be fun and edgy underneath a LBD for a fun and comfy outfit. (Great for traveling, btw.)

They'll also provide some levity to my today and Pilates practice on colder days.

Then, in order to get free shipping, I also picked up this little beauty! I already have a Bando flower in hot pink that I love to wear and figured silver would add a little pizazz to my holiday ensembles. It seems to shed a good bit at the moment (the perils of lamè, my friends...) but other than that I love it!

Also, how adorable is the Bando packaging?

Thanks Bando, I am pretty lucky!

My box included a smile guarantee that I don't foresee needing to use but

Iike having.

It also came with the cutest coupon cards! Savings? Yes, please!

There are three to share and one for you to use. How thoughtful! Love it!

(I also purchased some underpinnings but no one needs to see those....)

Overall, I was super happy with the process and I found that the sale prices were great and the products as advertised. I'm really glad that I went for it this time. Money well spent can be as good as money well saved while shopping!



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