Tuesday, November 12

Inspire Me Tuesday: Grateful

November is the time here in the U.S. that we celebrate Thanksgiving. But I think it's important in the midst of all the impending Falliday and Holiday hustle and bustle to stop and take the time to be grateful.

I've been trying to do that this month with the Husband by writing down one thing apiece each day that we're grateful for. While I haven't been the best at writing it down everyday we have been good at taking a moment out each evening and sharing what we were grateful for that day.

It's definitely been a positive experience and encourages us to look for the good in each and every day! Plus, there's the side benefit of us getting to hear what's important to our spouse each day whether it be something big or small.

What makes you stop and feel grateful? The sun shining? Loved ones? Getting a moment to sneak a treat?



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