Sunday, November 24

Around The House This week

I made a sparkly terrarium.
Worked on a watercolor to spruce up a particular corner of my home...
Made some Holiday themed art with markers.
Did more water colors.
Entered a contest using this photo and the tag: Some days call for multiple diamonds... (All rings are vintage and passed down except for my Tiffany's wedding band and antique blue diamond engagement ring.)
Felt sparkly. (More to come later...)
Spent some money. (More cryptic more to come...)
Totally nerded out when THE Aerin Lauder, as in the fabulous granddaughter of EsteƩ Lauder, responded to me on Instagram! Screen shot? I think yes! (Side note: trying to track down this chic looking tequila.)
Happened upon some bluegrass/ folk magic in a parking lot randomly. Seven guitars, a bass, a banjo, and a fiddle make for a mighty fine old school jam session. (To see two short videos check my Instagram feed here.)
Won a Frends headphones Instagram contest!!! So very excited!!! (Screen shot once more! Eeep!)
Bought the pup a new bed designed for safety in the car. The husband put it together and she loves it! In the living room at least... Driving testing commencing soon...
Bought alcohol for the holidays. Looking forward to trying a Left Bank Martini!
Purchased bunches of candies to create a warm holiday glow!
(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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