Friday, November 22

Fashion Friday

It's so easy to find good fashion inspiration these days on the internets so I though I would start sharing some of the looks that I'm currently loving on Fridays.

For my first one I decided to go with this pic of Olivia Palermo killing it in the cozy chic category!

From the gold bottoms on her peacoat to pop of color on her heels, this outfit is both classic and unexpected at the same time.

Let's break it down: traditional black peacoat, cozy cable knit ivory sweater, cute flirty back and white leopard print skirt, opaque black tights, black high heel boots with a colorful twist, a matching bag carried as a clutch, and simple classic gold jewelry.

She pulls the look together with an overall black palette that keeps everything grounded, the fun pattern and shape of the skirt make it playfully youthful while the tights keep her warm and covered, and the pop of color on the heels and bag adds a chic twist to the look while the matching hue keeps it looking purposeful, in a good way. Lastly, her jewelry subtly enhances her outfit instead of competing with it.

This is definitely a look I'd like to try to find a Florida version of! (I'll keep you posted if I'm able to track anything similarly styled down.)



(Photo via Pinterest.)

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