Saturday, November 30

Bevies of Beverages...

Remember this photo from Sunday's post?
Well, I was trying to think of a fun way to spruce up my bar area for the Holidays when I came across the great Elizabeth Taylor quote. I am a big fan of the fabulous Liz, a lipstick lover, and like to enjoy a good margarita so it just organically developed from there... "I know! I'll paint a margarita in water colors, write the quote on top, and frame that baby on my bar! Yes!"

So I did!

The bar area is definitely a work in progress though. Note: the tiny Christmas bulbs on display as a holiday season nod. I picked them up when I was at IKEA and since I'm still unpacking... Ugh... I saw no point in putting them away then unpacking them too so out they went!

We're still working on collecting more liquor for this area. You'd think two childless married thirty year olds would have more alcohol on hand... (And yes, fellow nerd fans, you're eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a Davinci Code codex on the left mingling with the corks.*)

Our house has what can only be referred to as a Butler's Pantry (fancy I know but don't worry otherwise it's a normal looking house and I'm the butler.) and that's where I'm hosting this display shindig. Hopefully the set up will progress to an elegant beverage station sort of look...



*My husband actually won an exact replica of the one used in the movies by solving puzzles in a competition. This is what you got if you made it to the second to last puzzle. Once you got it open it contained the http address for the final puzzle. He came this close to winning us a trip too but the final puzzle was incredibly difficult. (He's in Mensa people so trust when I say it was hard!)

(All photos and artwork created and owned by Krista Carson.)



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