Wednesday, February 19

DIY Popper Present

My sweet sister in law just had her birthday on the 14th. She's super fun and her favorite color is pink. So I wanted to wrap her small gift in a fun way that I hope she'll like. What did I come up with?
A birthday popper!
Want to know how to make one?
Click through the jump for the details!

First things first, gather up all the materials you'll need:

  • An empty toilet paper tube or cut down paper towel roll
  • Tissue paper in the design and color of your choice
  • Pretty scrap paper for making confetti (This could be anything anything from actual printed scrapbooking paper, construction paper, tissue paper, to brightly printed magazine pages. Just use your imagination!) Or use store bought confetti.
  • Paper punches
  • Scissors
  • A large glue stick

And of course:

  • A small present to tuck inside!

Ok, do you have everything you need?

Then let's get started!

1. First we'll make the confetti for the inside by taking various shaped paper punches and punching out shapes from pretty paper.
I like to use both double sided and single sided papers for some variety. (I also keep a stash of pretty paper scraps I like to use for this purpose.)

I highly recommend corralling your punched out shapes in a small dish or on another piece of paper for easy pouring later.


(If you're using store bought confetti skip this step.)

2. Now you'll take your cardboard tube and carefully pour half of your confetti inside.
3. Tuck your present in.
4. Then pour the rest of your confetti on top.
5. Once your tube is filled gather your tissue paper and glue stick then lay your tissue paper out flat in preparation.
6. Now carefully take your glue stick and run lines of glue all around your tube being careful not to spill the contents. (Be sure to make each glue stripe go from open end to open end. You don't have to completely cover the tube but I recommend at least four good lengthwise stripes.)
7. Lay the tube centered on the tissue paper width wise and carefully start to roll.
(If you don't think you can keep your tubes filling in while rolling you can fill it after rolling it in the tissue paper prior to closing the ends but it's much more difficult so I really recommend just doing it this way carefully.)
8. Once you come close to the end of the tissue paper gently (so you don't tear it) add another stripe of glue along the cardboard roll area only.
9. Finish the roll with a small stripe of glue in the very center to bond the last bit of tissue paper down.
Now for the ends.
10. Gently, so as not to tear, lightly twist the tissue paper on each end a little bit in a single direction. I like to twist counter-clockwise but clockwise is fine too.
11. Carefully unfurl the part you twisted and add a little bit of glue for hold.
12. Now twist each end again but this time twist them a little bit further than before and hold for a moment allowing the glue to adhere. You don't have to hold it for long, just long enough for the twisted tissue to stick to itself.
13. Fluff up each end and c'est fini! (You're done!)

Woohoo! You did it!

All that's left to do is to give it to someone special and watch the opening fun!

Hope you enjoyed making poppers with me!

DIY Kisses,


(All images, ideas, and instructions created and owned by KristaCarson.)


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