Monday, February 3

Getting Creative: Argento Alchemy

Here's my little something special I told you about earlier!

It's a delicate sterling silver and ruby handcrafted "Secret Love" necklace.

Each lovely ruby bead represents a dot and each sterling cylinder bead represents a dash. Together on their delicate sparkly 18" chain they spell out "Love" in Morse code!

I love love but that doesn't mean I always want to my heart on my sleeve or a literal heart around my neck. I created this necklace for those times when you want something special but also delicate and subtle in a lovely way.

It's a great gift for yourself, friends, sisters, or mothers! It's also great for hinting about to that special someone in your life...

I'm still just getting started with Argento Alchemy again so I only have a limited amount of these at the moment.

Hopefully my new etsy website will be up soon but in the meantime if your interested please email me at:

(Each necklace is $30.00 and shipping to the continental U.S. is free! All other shipping zones will be shipped at the current US Postal Service rate.)

Ruby Kisses,


(Design is property of Krista Carson. All images are created and owned by Krista Carson.)



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