Monday, January 7

Things I Love

My good friend and I completely missed each other during the Holidays due to traveling. So when we met up the other day (when she taught me how to knit) she sweetly brought a present along.
She gave me the sweetest arctic fox porcelain ornament and this set of arctic push pins that I'm in love with!
I had my eye on them for a while but they're one of those cute luxuries you don't usually buy for yourselves.

I am smitten.
And how gorgeous is her holiday card!?! The photo is from her summer wedding in Charleston this past year. Isn't she a gorgeously glowing bride?

I love that my New Year is both starting off and continuing with the with the sort of fun, love, and joy that the Holidays bring! I hope yours is too!



(First three images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask prior to use. Wedding image by her Charleston photographer, I'm working on finding out the name.)


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