Wednesday, January 23

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Husband!

Happy Anniversary Husband! We've now been married for two years and despite all the ups and (many) downs we keep moving forward, together. And that's the most important and wonderful part of our fairytale, the together!

I'll never forget traipsing about the Magic Kingdom Park (we got married at the Boardwalk Hotel at Disney World) with you the morning after our wedding, taking photos, having a blast, and being oh so in love despite being so very tired (the shoot happened around 4am).

We met in Italy, rendezvoused in Florida and Chicago, I moved from Florida to Chicago, we moved to Seattle, we moved around Seattle (a lot in fact), now we're visiting Hawaii, and wondering where on this earth we will live come July when your residency is done... (Whew!) But no matter where it is, where we've gone, what we do, or where we go... We'll do it, together!


Your KJ

(All images created by Disney and owned by Krista Carson and Disney, permission required for use)

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