Wednesday, January 23

A Little Sparkle.

While I'm off galavanting in Hawaii I thought I'd share a little sparkle to perk up your hump day (i.e., that day day, Wednesday, that means your only half way through your week).

I have a bad habit of trolling vintage jewelry sites online... I love the designs, sparkle, history, and just plain old daydreaming of that special sparkly something and what sort of events it could be worn too... Sigh...

Winged diamonds best for an evening affair where your heart feels like it's taking flight... Weddings... Anniversaries... Or even just a gorgeous pick me up.

A crescent of turquoise and opals to add a little mystery to your life.

Cushion Cut studs, because everyday should sparkle... And because I'm obsessed!

A naturally pearly sparrow with a twinkling ruby in its eye... For your lapel or hair, because my birthday is in July, J'adore pearls, and I just love swallows... There's something so sweet and lovely about them.
A rock crystal bracelet to match the cushion cut rock crystal bracelet I got for Christmas because you can never have too much sparkle!

A platinum and diamonds by the yard Art Deco necklace because it's so elegantly versatile. (And because my blue diamond one got lost several years ago and I'm still not over it, I know, I should be.)

Hope these sparkles helped you get the most important sparkle you can have to last till Friday... The one in your eyes, that is. ;)



(All jewelry and images via A. Brandt and Son, Philadelphia)

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