Wednesday, January 16

Camp; Yes, Please!

I came across the coolest and cheesiest t-shirt ever online... I definitely think I need one!
It's from this cool online brand called Camp.

I adored going off to camp as a child and later working as a counselor. To me, there is nothing better than taking to the woods to live off grid for several months. (Well, mostly off grid, you gotta have your Super Walmart runs to re-supply in there too and there is always at least a Super Walmart within driving distance everywhere, you'd be amazed).

And while I still have all my old camp t's, the Camp brand just seems like a cozy, happy, and stylish way to re-live those memories as an adult. Yes, please!
(Love this Da Bears t-shirt, shout out to Chi-town.)

(For the fishermen in your life.)

(LOVE this afghan inspired iPhone case! It has such an inspiring color scheme and is kitschy in the best way!)

There is nothing I would rather do than head outside for some quality time with nature. So for the times I'm city-bound, which is almost all the time... It would be nice to put on a Happy Camper t, turn on the fireplace, and roast some marshmallows... (Husband, are you there? If you want me to be a happy camper, pick up the t and some s'more supplies and we'll spend an evening pretending we're not trapped inside in a rainy Seattle winter.)

What makes you a happy camper?



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