Friday, January 11

Paramount Theatre

My friend had an extra ticket to see the broadway musical The Book of Morman at the Paramount (her husband couldn't go) so she invited me along. Of course, I said yes! I love musicals and theatre and hadn't been in a while so I was psyched!

(The main lobby of the Paramount. The Paramount Theatre was built in the Beaux-Arts style by architect B. Marcus Priteca and opened in 1928. It's centrally located in downtown Seattle and is gorgeous! It was my first time there, but more on that later...)

(My crumpled, sorry it was typically rainy night, playbill.)

My favorite scene was actually the opening number, Hello. It was well performed and laughter inducing. Above is a video clip of it being performed at the Tony Awards.

(The stage is set with a stained glass tabernacle.)

(My friend, on the left, and me, on the right.)

A good time was had by all. The Seattle theatre crowd is a bit more raucous than I'm used to but it felt right for this musical. My friend compared it to being in a Southerrn Baptist church service. To which I say, "Can I get an Amen!"

What do you think about the creators of South Park having a musical... Interesting notion, no?

More on the theatre itself to come.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use, Tony Award's Hello video via YouTube)



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