Saturday, January 26

Draw It Out; Self Portrait

I've loved to sketch since I was a little girl. I even won my first bicycle in a drawing contest! It's was mint green, white, and way too big for me but I grew into it. Also, I didn't even learn how to ride a bike till I was almost 9! Awkward, I know...* But I digress...

For some reason I've always been able to draw self portraits and strangers truer than anyone else. Maybe it's because I had to do it so much in my college drawing class or maybe it's because I have a hard time viewing my loved ones with a harsh enough eye to get all the crooks and crannies of their beings just so... Either way it is what it is.

Note my oh so nifty fifty era Edna glasses.*

What sort of things do you like to do that have stayed with you from childhood?



*But not quite as awkward as the sight of my gangly limbs pedaling my pink and purple Cabbage Patch Hot Wheeler hard enough to keep up with the rest of the neighborhood, on their real bikes natch... Did I care? Nope. I was just out having a good time with my friends and was nothing if not comfortable with who I was which is probably why I still even had friends on that thing at age 8! Ha! Memories...

*I now call them my Edna glasses because one day when I was particularly grumpy I saw my reflection in the mirror and realized "Surprise!" I rather resembled Edna from Monsters Inc at that moment. It sure made me stop and laugh. Even the husband reluctantly agreed.

(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use.)


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