Thursday, January 10

One Step Closer

On this day in 1946 the world got one step closer to it's best possible self. It's was on this day that the UN met for the first time.

I'll never forget my visit to the United Nations in New York City as a young 8th grader. It was AMAZING! All the masses of people working together for a better tomorrow, the inspiring art, the huge facility. But I thing the thing that stuck with me and touched me the most was the translators.

We got the chance to sit in one of the translation rooms during a meeting and the magical whir of languages was mind boggling. It was incredible to see so many people from all over the world working together to surmount one of the biggest, and simplest, obstacles between the nations of this world; language. Add to it the musical quality of so many different sounds tripping of the many tongues and I was smitten. I've been fascinated ever since and now I never miss an opportunity to learn a new way to bridge the gap in communication.

So here's to togetherness, peace, and justice everywhere!



(Image via the UN)


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